DanceCore was originally founded with a mission to help dancers recover and stay injury free. Since their founding the mission has evolved to help EVERYONE become pain free through integrative healing. Integrative healing is a personalized approach to restore the body, mind, and spirit to homeostasis. During our conversation with the owner Kristy, she made it very clear that she is passionate about relieving pain. She feels that if you can relieve pain you are setting people up to be happier and healthier in every aspect of their lives.

Owners: Kristy & Brian Burtenshaw

DanceCore takes a holistic approach to pain relief by helping clients in a variety of methods including: naturopathy, integrative bodywork, flexibility & core training, and implementing positive lifestyle changes. Other services include: pre and postnatal care, dance and athletic injury or stress relief, and nutrition gut balancing. You can learn more about their services and get in touch with them here: